Online horse betting sites

horse-racingAlthough online sports betting is not legal in every country, online horse betting is sometimes allowed. This loophole allows for you to get the thrill of win and the fun of placing your bets from an 123bet horse betting online website in most of the world without worries about whether it’s legal or not.
In the US specifically, horse betting online is legal in 22 of the 50 states, so the betting companies are usually locally run from these areas. Around Europe the same types of restrictions apply as long as the betting sites live up to EU standards and separate country standards (such as the UK’s individual betting site standards).

Advantages of online horse betting

Most horse races are only held in certain locations around the world, making it a bit difficult to attend a race in person unless you live in a specific place. Even if you’re nearby, getting a ticket can be hard depending on the race. If you’re not as interested in watching the race in person and would rather just place your bets, you can do so online without a second thought. There are numerous sites that allow for online horse betting.


How to choose a horse betting site

Some online horse betting sites are better than others. How do you know the site you choose will be up to standard? Here are a few suggestions of what to look for and what to disregard with betting sites:

  • DO look for user reviews. These are the most honest sources of information you’ll find when it comes to betting sites. While some bad reviews are only written because someone lost a big bet, if you see a number of bad reviews you should be wary of the site. Sites that are highly rated by users are more likely to be trustworthy with your bets, your payments, and everything else.
  • DO NOT pay too much attention to the website’s age. While older sites may seem to be more reliable simply because they have been around for so much longer, this does not mean that newer sites are not also reliable. Try not to discount a site just because it is newer. Remember that newer sites offer a lot of incentives and advantages to new members!
  • DO look for transparency of owners and managers. If you can’t figure out fairly quickly who is responsible for the betting site, whether it’s a small group of people whose names are on the website or an overall sponsoring company you should be nervous about using that site.
  • DO find a site which meets your stylistic preferences, sports requirements, poker and best casino bonuses. You want to enjoy the experience of online horse betting, so find a site that will enable you to enjoy yourself the most without causing you unneeded stress.
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