It is not a myth or misconception that many gamblers have a desire to gamble full time. This will then make them leave their regular job. But at the same time, only a few gamblers have managed to do this whereas others have failed.

If you are amongst the online casino, players who are also considering a full-time gambling career for real money casino games. There are certain factors you need to keep in mind.

In case you are going to finish through this article. You will realise that being a full time gambler is not going to be a walk in the park.

Benefits and Health Care Costs

Despite being able to make enough through gambling to a point where it will replace your full-time job. There are certain things you need to consider. The most important of them is health care. This is a very big issue.

Many young and full-time gamblers venture into gambling without considering their state of health. They even avoid paying health insurance with an assumption that they are young and healthy.

The best we can advise is to put aside a certain amount that is at least $1000 a month for your health care.

As much as full time gambling is exciting. There are certain challenges you might need to overcome. Some are physical challenges and others are mental challenges. Professional gamblers are believed to sit more than any other freelancer gamblers.

The Hourly Income

After considering your health, you need to understand the replacement of your hourly income. This is actually an easy calculation simply because you already know how much you currently make.

At the same time, that’s not the only thing you need to consider. Let us take for instance you are making $25 per hour and with 40 hours per week you are making $1,00. Now can you make this much as a professional gambler, Oh yes you can!

This is because some gamblers are already doing it but it’s not a piece of cake either. Above all, the common gambling activities that can actually win you real money include blackjack, poker along with online sports betting.

These games require a skill set for you to walk away with real money as a regular gambler.

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