If you had to pick one lottery that stands out from the others – which would it be and why?
First off, let’s be clear; most lottery bets make no sense from a shrewd punter’s point of view which is why shrewd punters don’t really play them for the winning potential. Instead, they buy a ticket like anyone else does – on the basis that they “know” they aren’t very likely to win, but it’s kind of throw-away money anyway and if a significant win did occur it would be absolutely transformational.

Most lotteries return around 50% as prize money whilst putting the rest into good causes alongside some administrative costs etc. The UK National Lottery spends around 4% on admin costs, for example.

Unfortunately, many people who do play lotteries regularly can’t really afford the money they throw away on the tickets. Often, the psychology of lotteries means they prey on those least able to afford the tickets as those people dream of a life free from poverty.

On the other hand, dreaming of what might be if you did win is half the fun of playing; it’s just important to bear in mind that lotteries aren’t shrewd bets and only ever to play with money you can afford to lose comfortably.

When you do play, it generally seems to make more sense to pick the Euro Millions lottery. This lottery has some of the best winning odds of any major lottery. In fact, you have a near 33% better pay-out ratio than with the Powerball or MegaMillions American lottery games.

The EuroMillion jackpot also starts at £12 million which makes it one of the biggest around and most Euro countries, the UK included, don’t tax winnings unlike in the USA. It’s also quick and easy to check if you have any of the winning numbers with the free euromillions results checker and the special features like the Millionaire’s Raffle and Superdraws keep the Euromillions lotto more exciting than just about any other.

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