When it comes to the world of casinos, both online and offline, you will find that some of the best ways to capitalise on your winnings in the short term is through the use of a gambling betting system. There are a huge number to choose from, some of which can be used across a number of different casino games including everything from blackjack to the slot machine, and most of the time these betting systems will be a form of money management that you can use to help boost your winnings even more. Here, we’ve put together a list of some of the very best betting systems that you can use.

Negative Progression Betting Systems

A negative progression betting system is where you increase your bet with every loss, meaning in the event of a win after a losing streak, you will eventually make back the money that you have lost. However, this can be a difficult way to make a profit, particularly if you’re playing roulette, a game of pure chance, as you cannot manipulate or have any form of definitive winning chance using skill on this type of game. The most popular negative progression betting system is the Martingale system.

Positive Progression Betting Systems

A positive progression betting system helps you to capitalise on winning streaks as you increase your bet every time that you win a hand in order to try and remain even with the house. There are a number of positive progression betting systems that you can use including the Paroli betting system and the 31 Parlay betting system. While people are generally quite sceptical about whether or not a positive progression betting system can actually work, a number of gamblers has proven that it can work in the short-term as long as the players nowhere to stop. The system cannot hurt you as much as a negative progression betting system can, as even if you hit a losing streak, you are only betting the table limit, as if you are on a winning streak, you are capitalising on it and increasing your money. However, many players will raise their bets before they have locked a profit and this can lead to them losing money when they have not won any.

Card Counting

This is one of the most famous betting systems to use in the world, created by MIT students who allegedly created card counting and took down a number of casinos in Las Vegas with it. Popularised in films such as The Hangover, card counting is actually a relatively easy betting system to learn, although it can take a lifetime to master. The idea of card counting is to assign a value to every card, and keep a running count. With this extra information that you are given, you are able to calculate a count per deck and ultimately try to reduce the house edge. While in a live casino this is strongly advised against and can result in being removed from either the table or the entire casino, it is not an illegal betting system.


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