Most Commonly Offered Bonus Types by Sports Books

In the present competitive world when every online and off-line sports book is trying to outdo each other, by offering all kinds of bonuses, it’s very important for the punters to go with the right provider, to improve their long-term betting stats. Many of these bonuses are also offered to ensure that players continue betting on the platform.

The most commonly known among them are the signup bonuses, free bet offers etc., which can vary hugely across different websites, in terms of clearance requirements as well as their sizes. Let’s take you over some of the most commonly offered bonus types by sports books, so you can opt for the best ones.

Deposit or Sign-up Bonuses

As evident from its name, you receive this bonus when you create an account with an online bookmaker and deposit some money with it. Majority of the reputed bookmakers offer this bonus type.

It’s usually a percentage of your initial deposit, and might be anywhere from 15% to 50%. Even though you might see the bonus credited to your betting account right away, it would not be available immediately. You’d need to earn it by betting on the platform.

Reload Bonuses

Book making websites don’t normally offer this bonus at all times, and when they do it, it’s with the basic idea of keeping the customers on their platform. Most of them provide it on occasions, particularly when there are big sports events, such as the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 etc. The reload bonus amount is usually lesser than the deposit bonus. In most cases, it’s 25% at the max. It is also subjected to roll over.

Most Commonly Offered Bonus Types by Sports Books

Free Bet Bonuses

Few online sports books offer free bets if you sign up and place a bet with them. It’s usually in the form of a matched bet. For instance, if you sign up with them and place a $ 20 bet, they would offer you an additional $ 20 as free bet amount.

Please note, the free bet amount is exclusive of the stake, so, if you win an even money bet of $ 20 on Machester Derby (which Man U won recently), you’d receive only $ 20 and not the usual $ 40. Many websites place a rollover restriction for release of the free bet wins. You can find the details about it in the pertinent ‘terms and condition’ section.

Many sports books provide additional free bet types, in the form of promotions. Let’s take you over a few of them below:

Percentage of Loss

As evident from its name, the online bookmaker would refund the percentage of your total losses, keeping both you (the customer) and the platform happy, encouraging you to continue betting with them.

No Deposit Bonus

It’s a bonus type wherein the customer needn’t make any deposit into his/her betting account before placing any bets. Such bonus is usually subjected to high rollover requirements. It’s very commonly offered at online casinos too.

Special Bonuses to Gamble on Other Verticals

Some of the reputed online sports books also run online casino services. They might offer you special bonuses to play on their other verticals, such as online slot games, for real money.

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