These days, more and more of us are understandably nervous about the procedure by which we fund our bookmaking accounts.

Often, it makes sense to open multiple accounts to try and take advantage of the generous introductory offers, free cash, and free bets etc., here and there. But the proofs of doing this can be a pain in the proverbial – with all the passwords and memorable names and number s etc., to say nothing of the security risks of sharing our details online – and trying to keep all the details secure.

What this means in practice is that many of us want to open accounts here and there but simply don’t due to the procedural bureaucracy of the whole thing and the financial risks we perceive.

There are various ways around all this – but the one most of us choose is simply not to open new accounts. And that’s a shame as there are some great offers to be taken advantage of for gamblers.

One way round all this is via Ukash. With this unique service, instead of entering any credit card details etc., you simply use a pre-paid voucher instead. This makes sure that any cash deposit you make is both anonymous and completely safe.

To make a Ukash poker deposit, you simply buy a voucher, list the voucher details with the cashier of your chosen site – and you get the money in your gambling account. Simply put, Ukash is a pre-paid voucher and you can now buy the vouchers at hundreds of thousands of locations all around the world; from kiosks, from ATMs and online. The Ukash vouchers can also be bought at Payzone, epay and PayPoint stores or terminals – and in many different amounts. They can then be used at millions of locations around the globe – including online gaming and gambling sites, which should have no problem giving you your introductory bonus with the system – which is also completely safe.

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