You probably have heard about sharp bettors and how they have collected huge profit from the betting arena. Despite what some people think about them, sharp bettors are not much different with us. The amount of effort and time they put to secure their victory, are two major things that make them special. Not because they have someone inside who tells them which team to bet.

It’s about Commitment

There is one rule all sports bettors follow. No matter where they bet. M88, or anywhere else. Here is the first rule about sports betting. If you want to win, you need more than money. You need to improve yourself. You need to learn how the games work, how to make as much profit as possible, and study the game itself. It’s about learning and comparing as many references as possible and makes an objective decision. It’s not about which team you like better or inside information. It’s about commitment.

The Secret of Sharp Bettors

To become a sharp bettor, we need to set our priority and how to make it comes true. Being a sharp bettor is also about knowing things we should and should not do.

Furthermore, in order to become a sharp bettor, there are 3 keys we must have.

Final score rarely matters

That’s right. Your concern should be why the result came that way. You need a detailed analysis from both teams. Compared to this, the score is nothing. Why? Because the more data you can gain, the more objective your decision and the higher you’re winning chance will be.

Teasers and parlays are not so important

Sharp bettors won’t rely on parlays and teasers. They only use it on special condition. This is mostly because parlays have nothing to do with the money line. The reason is quite simple, though. The risk it involves is much higher than the payout. In other words, if you play them, you will likely lose money, instead of making them. For example, let’s say you are parlaying 3 different games. For all of them, there are 8 potential outcomes: either you are right about all of them, wrong about the three of them, wrong about the last two, right about the first, and so on. Among all of them, you can only win if you are right about all of the 3 games. Even only from this, we can deduce that your chance to win is too low. This is why sharp bettors rarely use parlays and teasers.

It’s all about value

Sharp bettors only care about the line, how it compares to their view, and whether there is a gap between their expectation and the line itself. In other words, they only care about the value. In sports betting, a sharp bettor would love a bet even when the team has only 45% of winning chance and +150 moneyline. This is because a match like this will make a lot of money on long term.

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