beat-the-oddsCasinos can be great fun, but when you lose all the time the exciting starts to fade away. While it’s impossible to keep the odds in your favor forever, there are some things you can do to cut your losses and possibly walk out of the casino with more than you came in carrying.


  1. Keep away from the distractions

Bookmakers at the casino database are a lot more tactical and manipulative than you might think. Free drinks, strippers, bikini dealers, flashing lights, and all the other hype is usually associated with the worst bets you can make and serious losing streaks. If you’re winning, you will suddenly start to receive a lot more attention in the form of complementary drinks and whatnot, in the hopes that you will make rash moves to “test your luck” and end up barely breaking even or actually losing money.

To make the best bets, you should avoid all the freebies that the casinos will try to give you and play smart. Don’t give in to the hype unless you have money to burn and don’t care if you lose a ton!

  1. Choose your games and your bets wisely

Many games and specific table bets have worse odds than others. This is especially true for the fancy machines and “dressed up” bet spots on the tables. If you see slots with fancy graphics, huge reels, and crazy animations you should be aware that the odds of winning on these slots are probably lower than on the older-looking, smaller machines. The same goes for table bets. On the Craps table of the Roulette table the worst bets you can make have the largest sections and the most colorful decorations while the best odds are tucked away on tiny table spaces without anything to attract your attention.

  1. Cut your winning streak short

Every casino knows that at some point your luck will run out. If they can keep you playing and keep you betting more and more, your winning streak will eventually end and you could lose big. If you see yourself winning a lot, it’s time to consider walking away and coming back another time before you lose everything you just won!

  1. Avoid games with the highest house edge

All games give the house an edge, except for the rare occasions of video poker games that are tilted in the player’s favor. While this is a fact, some games have a much lower house edge than others. The best odds you can get are from Blackjack, most video poker games (played on expert for a payout), Baccarat, regular Poker, and Roulette. The worst odds come from the slots and Keno.

  1. Practice your strategies

Some games in a casino, such as Poker, can be played with a level of skill that will make your odds better. Poker, Blackjack, and other similar games have a strategy to them that will make it a lot easier to walk away with winnings instead of with empty pockets.

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