By this point in their betting careers most frequent gamblers have found an online book they can trust. Some people have been wagering at familiar sites for years, if not decades, without any signs of incident. That being said, if you are new to betting or have for some reason been restricted from using your regular book the thought of finding a new online home to wager can be frightening.

One thing to remember about online books is that they’ll all proclaim to be the best. This is just good business in general as you won’t find a restaurant that proclaims “5th best Bloody Mary in town” or “so-so burgers sold here.” Just like checking online reviews to see what others are unbiasedly saying about a place to eat, you should also check out casino reviews to see if these books are backing up their claims.

This ultimately begs the question of what people look for in an online book that makes them happy. We’ve compiled a list of what bettors believe is the biggest priority in making them a long term player.

1. Sports Offered
It makes little sense to seek out a book with convenient deposits and withdrawals with tons of promotions if it doesn’t offer wagering on the sports you prefer. When somebody is looking for a book to bet at they first see if it has the variety of sports that they prefer, and then look at incentives (withdrawals, deposits, etc.) to decide whether to start an account.
Not only is type of sports offered important, but also the choices within those sports. Competitive books will offer numerous parlay options, prop bets, and live betting to give their players more choices.

2. Odds
One thing to remember when researching the sportsbooks at is that not all odds are the same. What this boils down to is that books may offer the same sports but with different spreads and better or worse odds on those bets. This is one of the main reasons that bettors chose to start an account at multiple sites so that they can get the best odds and payback potential for their wager.

3. Deposit Options
Another key rating factor is the ease (or difficulty) of depositing money into the book. Depending on what part of the world people live it’s important to have deposit options that include credit cards, e-checks, Paypal, Skrill, bank wires and other options. Obviously it doesn’t matter how many sports are offered or how great the odds are if you can’t get the money into your account.

4. Withdrawal Times
People join online sportsbooks with the intention of hopefully turning a profit on their investment. It’s great to win – but no so great having to wait for that money to arrive. There are online horror stories of people waiting 3-4 months to receive their money depending on what type of withdrawal methods they used. Conversely, top books will have payouts processed within a week, if not 1-2 days.

5. Mobile Betting
The modern bettor wants to be able to place a wager from their smart phone which is why mobile betting has become a huge must-have for quality books. This is especially beneficial when placing a bet over the lunch hour or for marathon 8-hour sports watching sessions at the pub.

6. Age
The age of a book has come to be known as the International sign of reliability and quality. No matter what a book claims, there’s no way to know if it’s a fly-by-night operation or not if it’s only been in business for under a year. An online sportsbook that has been around 10+ years has likely survived because it processes payments quickly and has a wide variety of betting options available.

7. Promotions
Promotions are a nice way to either earn free bets or to get ‘free’ money matches on deposits. Promotions shouldn’t dictate which book to join but they are a nice bonus for an already solid sportsbook.

Make sure to check out many of the online reviews to see which books meet the bill in these categories and more.

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